The new COSILVER NANO 2000 is now in production
Makes 2litres of 16ppm crystal clear colloidal silver in 10hrs.
Run it twice a day to make 4 litres every day

Main Features:
  • Simple user friendly operation
  • LCD Screen and LED indication
  • Compact electronic generator head
  • Full electronic micro-control
  • Alternating electrode polarity
  • Constant current monitoring
  • 9999 pure silver electrodes
  • Consistent high quality colloidal nano silver production
  • Electrodes can be easily replaced


The COSILVER NANO 2000 is our latest high end nano generator that is designed to produce superior and consistent colloidal nano silver. Being fully micro-controlled, it is entirely automatic and very simple to operate. Just fill the glass vessel with distilled water, plug the unit in to the wall socket and switch on.Push the start pad for one second to commence the process. A red flashing indicator verifies that the distilled water is being converted into colloidal silver.

The NANO 2000 is around 15cm in diameter by 23cm high and incorporates a large LCD screen that shows the runtime and the amount of silver being added. You can monitor the progress from start to finish.


The NANO 2000 comes with a laboratory standard low form pyrex beaker. The beaker is of high quality and has a 2 litre capacity with a convenient pouring spout.

The generator head includes a large LCD screen, red "process" LED, blue "ready" LED and a "start" pad. After pressing the start pad, the whole process is microcontrolled and automatic.

The COSILVER NANO 2000 is perfectly safe to use and has a 100% duty cycle rating. This means you can use it continuously time after time for many many years to come.

The silver electrodes are "consumables" but will give many years of service when used for home production.


The LCD displays process time in hrs:min:sec and the added silver in mg. 1mg of silver in 1litre of water is 1ppm. The COSILVER NANO 2000 makes 2litres of crystal clear colloidal silver by adding 32mg of pure silver nano particles to the water.  

N2000_ElectrodesThe NANO 2000 is fitted with two long life pure silver electrodes. Each electrode consists of four "U" formed rods of 9999 silver. The electrode lifetime is around 2000 production runs that would make 4000 litres of colloidal silver. An example would be running twice a week for around 20 years. High volume production might be running twice a day and 5 days a week for 4 years. The silver electrodes will last for many production runs and are easily be replaced.

How can I buy a NANO 2000?

The COSILVER NANO 2000 is not available via Payfast for now. The price is R6,900.00 including PostNet to PostNet courier, insurance and VAT. For any questions and enquiries, please email us on sales@cosilver.co.za.

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