COSILVER is a silver solution commonly referred to as colloidal silver. The COSILVER NANO 400 Generator allows one to make COSILVER at home.
We have been making and sharing COSILVER for more than twenty years. The COSILVER NANO 400 Generator is a more recent development. Over the many years, COSILVER has proved to be highly effective and has helped or cured so many individuals from various ailments, infections and disease.
Nowadays, there is a plethora of information available on the internet and in libraries that encompass fact, fiction and conflicting reports on all aspects of colloidal silver. We therefore try to be objective and to only relate information that we hope is illustrative, informative and useful. You will find so much more information on the internet.    

Silver is a naturally occurring element (Symbol Ag) and there is a wealth of historical references relating to human contact and exposure to silver coins, utensils, cups, plates, containers, and of course jewellery. Such contact is reported to have been of great health benefit to families and groups that enjoyed the use of silver. In more modern times, silver preparations have been in use with excellent outcomes since the early 1800’s with colloidal silver coming into use since the late 1800’s.
Numerous scientific studies on colloidal silver appeared throughout the early 1900’s as it became an unsurpassed treatment for all types of infections. Colloidal silver was used worldwide in hospitals and laboratories to fight infection and disease until the discovery in the 1930’s of modern man made pharmaceutical antibiotics. Since then, manufactured antibiotics have prevailed with colloidal silver being more or less cast out from modern allopathic medicine.
Over the last thirty years or so, colloidal silver has once again enjoyed extensive scientific research and we now find silver impregnated dressings and silver enhanced creams freely available from pharmacy shelves. At least one "White goods" manufacturer has made washing machines that make nano silver particles to sterilise the clothes. Colloidal silver is a natural product and as such cannot be patented. No company can therefore justify the massive cost of conducting the scientific and medical trials required to classify colloidal silver as an approved allopathic medicine.
Although used in naturopathic and homeopathic remedies, colloidal silver is classified as a dietary supplement. Modern farming methods have depleted trace silver from the soil and consequently in the human body. The use of COSILVER can therefore be considered as a natural replacement therapy, but the benefits go way beyond such a restrictive description.   

COSILVER is perfectly safe to humans, animals and the environment. No allergic reaction, dependence, harmful drug reaction, argyria, mortality or environmental damage attributed to the use of colloidal silver has ever been recorded.
Argyria is a very rare cosmetic skin condition that can result in nails and skin developing a slight blue/grey appearance. It is caused by the abuse and excessive ingestion of silver compounds and preparations. Rest assured that COSILVER is a completely unconnected and pure natural remedy. Properly manufactured colloidal silver has never been reported to cause such an effect.

COSILVER is universally known as colloidal silver, which is the only antibiotic reported to kill all types of viruses, funguses and bacteria while being completely harmless to all parts of the body. Colloidal silver is also reported to promote the healing of skin, tissue and bone, which is in total contrast to so many other antibiotics that can cause harm to such important organs like the liver and kidneys.
The COSILVER NANO 400 generator converts pure distilled water into colloidal silver that contains trillions of silver ions and particles of silver. The size of ions, atoms and particles is measured in nanometres (nm). There are one billion nm in one meter.
The diameter of a silver ion is 0,23nm and around 400,000 silver ions would span across the thickness of a human hair. A silver ion is actually a silver atom that lacks an electron and so carries a positive electrical charge. A silver particle consists of a cluster of silver atoms and exhibits a negative charge. The process also produces negative hydroxyl ions that bond to the silver particles to create their negative charge. A silver particle with a diameter of 5nm will contain about 3,900 atoms.
Contrary to numerous statements, high quality colloidal silver is clear and exhibits no colour because the silver particles in suspension are too small (nano-particles) to reflect light. The superior COSILVER is crystal clear. Any hint of colour in colloidal silver quite simply indicates an inferior quality. 
In summary, COSILVER is a superior quality colloidal silver that consists of around 75 - 85% positive silver ions and 15 - 25% nano-sized negative silver particles in suspension. Both silver ions and silver nano particles are beneficial in the recovery and healing process.
In conclusion, COSILVER is a powerful and all-natural alternative to prescription antibiotics and is so often the final remedy to many health conditions that you or someone you know may be suffering from. It is non-toxic, safe, effective, without negative side effects and can be used by anyone, young and old alike. COSILVER strengthens the body's immune system and helps to eliminate infectious diseases of all types.

A small amount of COSILVER contains billions of silver nano-particles and even more silver ions. The silver ions are highly reactive and when taken internally, some are converted to silver chloride. The silver ions that survive along with the silver particles continue on to destroy all pathogens.
COSILVER kills all single celled organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungus, mould and parasites. Single cell pathogens have a protective cell wall and are structured differently from animal cells. Pathogens rely on an enzyme to enable their metabolism. Silver ions and/or particles attach to the cell and actually penetrate the wall causing havoc within the cell. The pathogen then dies and is then removed so much more easily by the immune system and natural elimination.
Some scientific studies claim that silver ions are more effective in treating infections and other studies conclude that silver particles prevail. COSILVER contains silver in both ionic and particle form to give maximum efficacy.  
COSILVER is highly effective and when treating severe infections, the host body can become overloaded with dead or dying pathogenic cells and toxins. The patient may feel flu like symptoms, headache, fatigue and aching joints. This is not a side effect but is known as a “healing crisis” or “The Herxheimer Reaction” that results from the body eliminating so many toxins in a short time. If this occurs, drinking a lot of plain water will help to alleviate these symptoms. Such symptoms indicate that recovery is taking place and are short lived.
A mild rash breaking out on the skin is very rare but can occur when first taking colloidal silver. This is not an allergic reaction or a side effect. It is usually caused by killing off yeast in the blood or intestines so fast that the body cannot properly dispose of them. It is a healthy sign but may be uncomfortable due to itching. Furthermore, one would not want to overload the body's cleansing abilities. Therefore it is best to reduce the intake of colloidal silver if this occurs and increase the intake of plain water. When the rash disappears, as it normally does in a day or so, one can gradually increase the intake of COSILVER.

COSILVER acts as a powerful, broad spectrum, anti-microbial agent while aiding the natural immune system and promoting the healing of tissue and bone through proper cell regeneration. It is shown to have remarkable properties in destroying all single cell organisms.
COSILVER is completely non-toxic, non-addictive, non-allergenic, has no side effects and overdose is not possible. No harm can occur to any organ in the body including the liver and kidneys.
COSILVER is effective in treating pathogens that have developed antibiotic resistance (Super bugs). Bacteria cannot develop resistance to colloidal silver.
COSILVER may be safely applied to the most sensitive areas of the body and on cuts, open wounds and abrasions and does not sting or cause any discomfort whatsoever.
COSILVER is safe to use on adults, children, infants, animals, birds, fish and plants, while being deadly to infections and disease.


When taken orally, COSILVER should be kept in the mouth and swished around for as long as is comfortable before swallowing. This will allow the silver ions to be absorbed into the bloodstream. In general terms, smaller frequent doses throughout the day will maintain a presence of ionic silver in the body compared to one large dose.
A spray or atomiser is highly useful, ideally a glass bottle rather than plastic and certainly not metal. Spray into the open mouth while simultaneously inhaling to introduce COSILVER directly into the lungs. Spray into the nostrils while inhaling. Use in this way at the first sign of a cold, flu or for sinusitis.
COSILVER can be absorbed by means of an enema or douche. A tampon can be dipped in COSILVER before insertion. Spray on to intimate areas as a safe vaginal deodorant and to maintain good hygiene.
Apply directly to open wounds, cuts, insect bites, burns, sores warts, rashes and other skin conditions. Spray directly onto the affected area and allow to dry – apply as many times as necessary.

Apply COSILVER to any dressing, gauze or band-aid and re-moisten with further application for as long as possible. The longer the contact time with the affected area, the better and faster will be the results. It may be used in the ears and eyes using a dropper or spray and can be used in intimate areas for the elimination of odour and bacteria.

 Spray the face after cleansing or at anytime. For acne or pimples,  spray the face periodically throughout the day.
Use as a disinfectant for hands & for any situation that requires the elimination of germs.
Add to drinking bowls, spray dogs, cats and birds, add to fish tanks

#  Spray vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood and leftovers.
#  Spray food containers, lunch boxes, refrigerator, garbage bins.
#  Spray cutting boards and worktops.
#  Add to suspect drinking water.
#  Wipe telephones, keyboards, headphones, computer mouse.
#  Spray air conditioner filters after cleaning.
#  Wipe or spray air ducts and vents.
#  Add to water for cut flowers.
#  Spray toilet seats, bowls, sinks, tables and door handles.
#  Spray on upholstery and bedding.
#  Spray bath & shower mats.
#  Spray in shoes to eliminate odour.
#  Spray watchbands & gloves.
#  Wipe hearing aids and spectacle frames.
#  Sterilise toothbrushes & dentures.
#  Add to bathwater.
#  Spray hair brushes and combs.
#  Add to decorative fountains.

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